3 program algorithms
Social advertising
Tools for work with social networks and advertising on the Internet through specialized global services.
Social networks: multi-users
A group of tools that allows you to create unique robots based on Neural Networks for presence in various social networks around the world.
Each client / company is able to maintain an army of robots (or re-create or use pumped resources). Robots are divided into classifications and conduct their activity in accordance with the specified parameters. We divide them into three main types:
  • Type of social network (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.))
  • Social status
  • Cultural status
Robots are able:
Communicate, comment on photos based on its content, give emotional color, subscribe to friends, like and support any communication, mutual communication, which helps in establishing close trusting relationships. The peculiarity of all robots: they are aimed at hidden advertising, point targeting. Therefore, each active user receives the required characteristics on the basis of analytics: place of residence, cultural interests, social status, wealth, education, etc.
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Contextual advertising
A collection of algorithms, which includes software solutions to optimize contextual advertising impressions in various advertising networks and to give all ads a color that is interesting to a particular user. Moreover, the algorithm supports not only internal analysis of the user activity but also external factors, such as holidays, climate, weather events, social shocks, political decisions, etc.
Algorithms test all of the positions and choose the most effective from the point of view of conversion and cost.
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Media advertising
Multifunctional algorithms, which have a large set of templates and settings in their database, for testing and generating graphics and text content of various banners. Programs are connected to specialized services and experimentally, including on the basis of internal and external factors, select the best solution to achieve a result. In particular, ready-made functional modes of advertising networks are used.
At the same time, full statistics and possible risks for each position, financial costs are collected.
One of the many possibilities of this direction: artificial creation of graphic images based on Neural Networks and testing the result.
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