3 program algorithms
Programmatic market
Automation of large commodity turnover
with the market. Specification.
On-line market
Software systems, automation algorithms for high-speed tracking of goods in an on-line environment.
We study in depth all the influential trading systems that are of interest for efficient business, conduct research / testing and implement our own developments as much as possible in order to easily manage huge data, uploads from one place to a diverse product. We take into account the effective promotion in the internal ecosystem of the proposed stores or aggregators.
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Off-line market
Due to some specificity and availability of commodity turnover management, we to a certain extent maximally optimize the accounting of goods, their delivery and effectiveness from the point of view of sales. The system of algorithms includes analytics of a nearby area, gathers statistics on the consumer segment, social status and other factors, which later make recommendations on advertising support with a certain probability and risk.
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Aggregator (e-commerce)
A special direction with a unique ecosystem, for which optimization and speed of decision-making are extremely important. We study each major site in depth, their conditions and program our own algorithms so that they move as confidently as possible at these stores. This also includes the optimization of turnover and workflow.
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