6 program algorithms
Law & Finance
Control and optimization of
product and financial flows.
General analysis of financial performance
The algorithm, based on Neural Networks, fully analyzes the financial performance of all divisions of companies and compares data with previously obtained data of other algorithms, if such were used. In critical or incomprehensible situations, there is an additional launch of third-party algorithms to clarify the degree of confidence in the overall analysis of the activity.
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Analytics and optimization of financial turnover
General work with accounting documents. Prototype Accounting. Maximum automation.
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Workflow optimization
A series of algorithms that show slices of production processes in terms of efficiency and cost. Depending on the type of processes, the algorithms are amplified with additional input data for comparison with idealized systems, weighting risks and creating forecasts.
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Optimization of law factors
Specific algorithms aimed at automating compliance with a number of standards and factors, especially when it comes to intercontinental trade.
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Logistics and wastage management
Automation of logistics and warehouse. Algorithms fully analyze points of sale, build forecasts for production and delivery. Optimized traffic paths and costs.
Additionally, records are kept of balances, risks, and recommendations for the discharge of goods to the secondary market, or recycling.
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Unified accounting system for returns, marriages and other force majeure. The program collects all incoming information, and mathematical algorithms or / and Neural Networks analyze the problem at the level of numbers and the real state of affairs.
Additionally, within the framework of the direction, a neural network works, which collects all information about products on the Internet, reviews and suggestions, sorts them and sets a rating system, including emotions and expectations. Here are collected related data, which are given as an example of a better product, or worse. Information is collected about the resources and the degree of reliability / weight of their information.
All this allows you to prevent and predict risks, as well as solve reputational issues as quickly as possible in on-line mode.
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