4 program algorithms
Work with a large amount of
information data and PR-technologies
There is a system of algorithms for analyzing the external actions of competitors in terms of PR activity. Data is collected, divided into categories and characteristics. Identifies the main positive and negative aspects in terms of distribution and user response.
The same direction contains algorithms based on Neural Networks, which generate their own content based on a given topic for subsequent distribution to the Internet. As additional support for live editors.
Promotional Article Generators
A series of algorithms that generate advertising texts based on input data. Additionally, a historical analysis of similar promotional materials is carried out, and both positive and negative experiences are identified.
Throughout the advertising campaigns, analytics and data collection are carried out.
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Ad Generators
Generators of advertising messages / texts. A slice of related categories, identifying popular, viral advertising events. First of all, this refers to the generation of satellites, individual product pages for automatic promotion.
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Media Generators
Генераторы графических on-line модулей. На основе набора шаблонов, Нейронные сети подбирают сюжетные тексты, генерируют изображения или же работают с заранее подготовленными оригиналами.
В первую очередь, это относится к генерации графических баннеров, сателлитов — отдельных страниц продукта для автоматического продвижения. Возможны отдельные изображения или тексты.
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Automatic translations
Automatic translation of texts. Primary specialization: technical texts. In other cases, literary texts are translated in an enhanced mode (more profound linguistic analysis is involved) than classical translators are capable of.
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